Scatty Rat’s going to Gamescom 2015!

With Gamescom 2015 looming on the horizon it’s been one frantic week!

We’ve been working hard to get a new version out in time for the con, and we’re happy to say the new builds were submitted to Google Play and the App Store last night.  *PHEW*!

For iPad and iPhone users, we’ve created a free version that should shortly appear on the App Store. It’s ad-free and plays just like the paid copy with a few limitations.

In addition to the changes mentioned in the last post (Scatty Rat update), we decided to add a major new feature – Lab Tests. These are custom-built levels designed for players who want a more challenging puzzle.

There are five Lab Tests to start with, but we plan to add more over time. If you’ve bought the game you’ll be able to download these as they become available.

So what lies ahead? The game already plays really well on PC, so we’re thinking of pushing a version out on Steam. The upside is that we could include the Lab Test level editor, so people can design their own puzzles. Stay tuned for more updates and our experiences at the con!