Scatty Rat update

We’ve been busy making changes to Scatty Rat and plan to roll them out soon. Thanks to the people for provided us with excellent feedback, particularly Clovis over at

These changes should make Scatty easier to play, and the addition of Mega Cheese and rat cages means you’ll have a real chance to save ALL of the rats!

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been working on:

  • Mega Cheese – a rare pick-up that lets you fling  one of your rats without losing it. You’ll have to use these sparingly, however, if you want to save all your rats!
  • Rat Counter – shows how many rats are on the level and how many you’ve collected or lost.
  • Rat cages – rats will only spawn inside cages, so they can’t be smooshed by predators before you reach them!
  • Silhouette view – a new effect when you’re inside the wallspace, designed to make navigation easier – and prettier. 😉
  • Improved jump and dig – no more frustration when you try to time the perfect jump!
  • Weight! – furniture will be heavier, meaning Scatty will have to be clever instead of just shoving stuff around.